Childrens Shelter Foundation Sponsor


Please consider becoming a foundation sponsor – we are looking for 100 people or organisations who will donate $1000 each – we aim to raise $100,000 from our foundation sponsors.

If you are a long time supporter of the Company of Grace then we ask you to consider becoming a foundation sponsor by donating directly or running a fundraising activity. To achieve our fund raising goal we will need as many foundation sponsors as possible.

We are of course happy to accept donations of any amount towards the project and all donations are gratefully received.

To acknowledge your contribution as a foundation sponsor we aim to build a special wall which will have an engraved brick with the foundation sponsors name on it. This will be built during the final stage of the project and exact format is yet to be decided but we will provide more details when we can.

If you would like some help in running a fundraising event then please contact the fundraising committee who can help you with your event.