My name is Tran Thi Cam Tien. I was born in Long An province, South Vietnam. My birthday is November 28, 1992. There are 9 people in my family which includes my father, mother, and seven children. I have three older sisters, 1 older brother and 2 younger brothers.

My father and mother are rice farmers. My favourite holiday is the summer because I can stay at my hometown with my family. My happiest moment was when I helped my family with the harvest.

Before I was 12 years old, I became very sick with a high fever. I stayed in bed at home for 2 days. My mother took me to the hospital where I stayed for 2 months. I could not move my right hand and arm. This made me very sad and I could not go to school. I stayed at home for 7 years. My disability made me different from other people. My friends forgot me and I was lonely. I had no one to talk to about my problems.

My goal is to study English and computer. In the future I would like to return to my hometown and teach English. Mr. Cong who is my friend and he works for the Company of Grace introduced me to Mr. Peter who is the director of the company. I have lived and studied here ever since. I like to work at the Company of Grace because everyone here is very easy-going. Here I can learn English and computer. I am also able to help children with disability.

Since I started working here, I have changed a lot. I am more confident, independent and mature than I was before.

We believe we are unique in that 90% of all our staff have a disability (as we still need 10% who are abled bodied to do all the things that people with disability can’t do). Not only that, but these staff with disability are actually managing and running the Grace centre.


Each of our staff with disability needs support to help them with operation, further training & education to help them find employment, and mobility equipment. If you have any further enquiry please email us: