Mr. Cong – Artist/ Art teacher

My name is Bui Van Cong. I was born in Ho Chi Minh City on the 17th of August 1988. There are 7 people in my famiy. My family includes my father, mother, 2 older sisters, 1 older brother, 1 younger brother and myself. When I was born I was healthy but at 12 years of age I got a high fever. The doctor said I had spinal menigitis. I was in the hospital 1 year. After I left hospital, I could not do anything, so I had to return to hospital. I had to go into a long term clinic for 4 years in order to help me learn how to become mobile again. I was like a new baby learning to walk and use my body. My parents prayed at the temple for me but most of the time they would just go to and from the hospital to visit me.

When I was 17, I left the clinic and returned home. My hand was paralized and I could not even hold a pen, so I stayed at home and looked after the house. I was very sad and felt hopeless. When I was 20, my sister introduced me to a school for people with disabilities. This helped me to meet other people who have disabilities.

I started to study graphic design but found it unsuitable because of my weak hands. I then tried to learn oil painting using my right hand but it was too difficult. I then decided I would try to learn how to paint with my left hand. It was difficult at first because I am right handed. It took me seven months to learn to paint well with my left hand.

My friend, Mr. Van, introduced me to the Company of Grace and now I work here. My goal is to complete high school and improve my painting skills. I also want to help other people with disabilities. Here I have learned to look after myself with my new skill of painting.

We believe we are unique in that 90% of all our staff have a disability (we still need 10% who are able bodied to do all the things that people with disability can’t do).Our staff with disability are actually managing and running the Grace Centre.


Each of our staff with disability needs support to help them with surgery, further training & education and help to find employment, and mobility equipment. If you have any further enquiries please email us: