My name is Tan Thi Le Hang. I was born on 21st January 1998 in Dong Nai town, north of HCM city. There are 3 people in my family, my parents and myself. My father has a disability which has passed on to me. When I was 4 years old, my legs and arms became weaker until I was disabled. My family took me to many hospitals but there was no success.

I was lucky because I had a chance to go to school. All my classmates were very friendly and helped me. They helped me to carry my bags and books when I was tired. I did not feel that there was any problem being disabled in my school. My family was also very encouraging. They loved and cared for me. I was still very sad because of my disability.

One day, my father told me that our family was not able to pay for my schooling. This made me sad because I could not study any more. My mother wanted me to study something useful for my future. She thought if I went to a disability training school, when I am older, then I could work and earn a living and take care of myself.

There was a lady in our church who introduced us to the Company of Grace. My parents were happy and they encouraged me to try. I was angry because I did not want to leave my parents. After some time I felt happy. I have learned many new things. I am learning English, computer and drawing. I also help prepare meals for everyone here at the centre which I never would have done at home. I never had to do anything at home, not even sweeping the house. When I live here I learn to look after myself and I now love my parents more than ever.

Thank to Company of Grace for teaching me how great life is and for giving me a chance to do what I love. This is a good feeling.

We believe we are unique in that 90% of all our staff have a disability (as we still need 10% who are abled bodied to do all the things that people with disability can’t do). Not only that, but these staff with disability are actually managing and running the Grace centre.


Each of our staff with disability needs support to help them with operation, further training & education to help them find employment, and mobility equipment.If you have any further enquiry please email us: info@companyofgrace.com