The Company of Grace has secured a block of land next door and wants to build a permanent family home for 100 children.

Hoa Stone has come into contact with a group of children who are being looked after by volunteers and he wants the Company of Grace to be able to expand their support services to this group.

The children are unable to live with their parents for a number of reasons or are orphans and most of them will need to be cared for until they become adults.

The children are currently located in a number of locations around Ho Chi Minh city and are look after by house mothers and volunteers in temporary accommodation – all of the school aged children regularly attend local schools.

There are a number of ways in which you can help with this project

  1. donate directly to the project – to make a donation please click on the following link – make a pledge to the project or make a donation now
  2. receive the newsletter and become a prayer supporter
  3. visit the Company of Grace in Ho Chi Minh city to work on the project – we need teams to travel to the Company of Grace over the next 2 to 3 years to help to work on the project – let us know if you are interested in this
  4. tell your friends or church about the project and get them to visit the website or our facebook page
  5. run a fundraising event – please contact us if you would like some suggestions or help with this as we have a support committee in based in Adelaide who can help you

How much money do we need to raise? We need to raise $230,000 and this will enable us to complete the project and our aim is to complete the project by 2021. We have currently raised $200,000 and you can see the latest update on our fundraising activities by clicking here.

Hoa has already purchased a block of land that is next door to the Company of Grace and the work will be completed in stages as we are able to raise funds. Hoa will also be building a home for himself and Hien on the block and he already has enough funds to do this.

Stage One is to build a wall around the property by early 2018 – all preparation works on the block has been completed.

Stage Two is to build the Home and this hass commenced in January 2021

Stage Three will be to build a garden and recreation area with play equipment for the children and local community to use – this was completed in 2020 due to funding from a expat family who raised the money from their supporters.

The fundraising committee members are

Jill & Leigh Wheatley

David & Renee Secomb

Andrew & Roz McDonough

Judy & Graham Thomas

Sue & David Richardson

All funds raised will go to the project – all costs of this website and the fundraising activities are donated by volunteers.
Please contact us if you have any questions.